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The Path to USMLE Success with Dr. Tao Le

With the USMLE Step 1 going pass-fail, med students have plenty of questions regarding how they should prepare for the exam and how they can balance step prep with medical school. This high-yield talk from Dr. Tao Le, the series editor for First Aid, covers the basics of the USMLE Step 1, including an overview of the boards, goal setting, high-yield topics in each subject area, creating the proper study strategies, choosing good review resources, and building a study schedule.

How to Succeed in Medical School: The Good Stuff

Enjoy a recording of a special webinar led by 3rd-year medical student Javi Ochoa. This Med School Survival Seminar features insights and strategies on succeeding, practical advice, first-hand experiences, and a Q&A session focused on making you feel confident as you return to school.

Watch now!

Unlocking Success - Insider Tips for IMGs on Board Exams and Landing a Top Residency

In this session, the USMLE-Rx and Rx Coach team provides actionable insights and strategies to help you excel on your board exams and stand out to residency program directors. Watch for invaluable advice from IMGs who have conquered the board exams and secured residency positions.

Question Lab - Episode 151: Back to Basics

In this edition of Rx Question Lab, we are answering USMLE-style questions that go back to basics...basic science. Play along at home and see how your score compares to those who joined us live! At Question Lab, we dissect board-style questions together in real time and help you sharpen your test-taking skills. Sign up for future sessions here!


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Discover our extensive collection of digital learning modules aimed at helping you establish a strong foundation of medical knowledge. With modules covering various disciplines and organ systems, including Brick collections from MeSAGE and free collections, let's dive in and start learning!

Planetary Health from MeSAGE and ScholarRx
General Microbiology (2) (1)

Planetary Health

Covering the relationship between human health and the environment, this collection aims to empower future health professionals to prepare for and tackle the challenges that a changing climate presents to health and livelihoods.

Cellular and Molecular Biology

Home to 45 Bricks, this collection covers cellular biology and genetics. Learn more about cell structure and function, cellular metabolism, normal genetics, and genetic abnormalities in this collection!

Sexual and Reproductive Health & Rights

This special collection was designed for anyone interested in supporting people at risk of sexual and reproductive health discrimination.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

In this collection, learn more about social determinants of health and health care disparities in our communities. Together, let's advance DEI and eliminate health disparities through medical education.


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We’ve walked in your shoes and understand the unique, intense pressure you’re under as a medical student. You may be battling information overload and concerned that your study time is not high-yield. We get it – and we can help.

USMLE-Rx has been the leader in medical education study tools for more than 30 years. Our expert team of instructors, experienced students and practicing physicians collaborate to provide you with the most high-yield suite of tools on the market. USMLE-Rx leverages learning science and is backed by peer-reviewed research.

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