Bricks Create for Students

Take charge of your education and build digital learning experiences for you and your peers. With the Bricks Create authoring platform, you can develop and share interactive learning modules that showcase your knowledge and help others better understand important concepts.

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Take Your Education into Your Own Hands

Are you ready for the opportunity to establish yourself as a thought leader and create educational content that showcases your experience and knowledge while filling gaps in the traditional curriculum? How about sharing Bricks with your study group? This is your chance to take your brand and expertise to the next level. Let's get started!

We start with the basics in this Brick developed by Rx University. After you've completed this Brick, you'll be able to define what a Brick is, how it fits into a modular medical curriculum, and discuss the core components of a Brick. 

Bricks are modeled on Legos and are meant to include concise information that allows you to create knowledge and skills at your own pace. Bricks work together to create a modular medical curriculum! Unlike textbooks, Bricks are intentionally written in a narrative style with pedagogical elements so you can stay fully engaged throughout the Brick experience. They are not written overnight, but our user-friendly authoring system will help you use our core components to write useful, high-yield Bricks.

In this Brick, developed by Rx University, we share the following:

  • 5-step cycle for developing a Brick
  • 5-step cycle for authoring the Brick in Bricks Create for Students
  • Quality improvement cycle for a Brick

We have found that your Brick's best starting point is your goal. What are you hoping your reader will know by the end? This is your Learning Goal, and you're encouraged to document what readers should achieve. As you read, you'll learn more about Case Connections, Clinical Correlations, images and videos, and how to organize your content.

If you are using Bricks Create for Students, you don't have to start entirely from scratch. You can add a new twist to a classic Brick or make it more relevant to your patient population. This is easily achievable within the platform!

USMLE-Rx users of all types (those with paid and free accounts) can clone one of our nearly 200 free and open-access Bricks, including our general microbiology, cellular and molecular biology, and MeSAGE collections. Start with a Brick you know and love, find something you'd like to add to it, and make it your own!

To clone a Brick, click on the three little dots next to the time to read it and select "Clone Brick."

It's time! If you're ready to make your Brick live, navigate to the upper right of your Brick and click on the three dots next to "Saved." From here, you'll see options including previewing your Brick, reviewing the draft history, and managing privacy. You'll also see the option to "Publish Brick." 

You can share your Brick before it's published (when it's still a draft) or once it's been published. Both are easy and quick! Your Brick will not be searchable on the Brick Exchange, and you'll need to share the link so people can view them.

Navigate to "My Bricks" in the Bricks Create side menu to share. You can share a draft link, the link to your published Brick, or transfer ownership from this menu. Share and receive feedback from others as you learn and grow!

Ten Benefits of Bricks Create for Students

Here are ten specific ways using Bricks Create and sharing Bricks can benefit you:

  1. Reinforce and deepen your understanding of medical concepts.
  2. Gain experience creating teaching materials, a valuable skill for future medical professionals.
  3. Share your knowledge with others, contributing to the medical education community.
  4. Receive feedback from others, helping to refine their teaching and knowledge.
  5. Help others learn and understand medical concepts, a rewarding experience.
  6. Expand your network by connecting with other medical students and professionals.
  7. Improve your communication skills.
  8. Build your brand.
  9. Contribute to the improvement of medical education globally.
  10. Positively impact patient care by improving the education of future medical professionals.



Bricks Create Feedback from Students

"Bricks Create has been a transformative resource; I have been able to empower medical students in Colombia to take control of their learning and unlock their creativity by becoming active creators of educational content. Students have gained ownership and confidence in their knowledge as Bricks Create has become a catalyst for change, revolutionizing how we can educate future medical professionals across different languages in low and middle-income countries." - Daniel Del Castillo, Universidad del Norte, Colombia

"Thank you ScholarRx for the opportunity to write a Brick on chronic wounds. My first year of medical school was filled with reading Bricks on every organ system, and it was an honor to add a Brick in a specialty that I am particularly interested in." - Maria Lalama, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

"I found Bricks Create incredibly helpful! Bricks Create is an excellent platform with an intuitive user-friendly platform. As a result, our team developed interactive and engaging educational content quickly and easily. We created interactive quizzes, flashcards, and other learning materials that helped medical students and professionals learn about diversity in the setting of dermatology. We hope more content creation will be encouraged to help bridge the disparities in our healthcare!" - Rainee Khabagnote, St. George's University School of Medicine

“Participating in the Brick Builder Grant program and writing my first brick on “Social determinants of health competence in medical education” was an incredible opportunity that greatly enhanced my experience with ScholarRx. As a medical student at the University of Global Health Equity, having the chance to create content under my lecturers’ mentorship was invaluable. Working with the ScholarRx team was a pleasure, and I felt fully supported throughout the entire process. I'm grateful for the chance to contribute to the future of medical education and I encourage other students and lecturers to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.” - Nelly Numumaro, University of Global Health Equity

Build the Career Path of Your Dreams

Take your education into your own hands and create the future of your dreams with Bricks Create for Students. Our platform will help you make your capstone project on your terms, craft content specific to your patient population, and secure your match. Get started now with our easy-to-use, interactive authoring system and start creating the future of your dreams!

Expand Your Knowledge by Teaching

By creating your content, you can synthesize your understanding and present it in an easy-to-grasp way for yourself and others. Every physician is a teacher, imparting knowledge to patients, their family members, colleagues, and students. By creating content for Bricks Create, you can hone your skills as a teacher and impact the learning experiences of other students globally.

This teaching process solidifies your knowledge of the topic(s), which will help you to retain information better. It will also allow your fellow students to understand the material better.

Control Your Destiny

What does your dream future entail? With Bricks Create for Students, you can build your brand and showcase your work, setting yourself apart from your peers. Writing content and creating collections will help you demonstrate your expertise in specific subjects or areas. This can be particularly useful when applying for residency programs, as program directors often look for students who have published articles that showcase their ability to write and research.

Create Content Specific to Your Patient Population

Medical education content is primarily written in English, leaving a large gap for many international medical students. With Bricks Create for Students, you can craft content specific to your patient population. Write Bricks that make sense for the people you serve, and write them in your native language!

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Ready to Build Your Bricks?

If you are ready to experience the benefits of Bricks Create for Students, get started today! We cannot wait to see what you build.