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  • Over 2,300 thoroughly reviewed USMLE-style questions
  • The most multi-step questions of any Qbank on the market
  • Customized practice exams based on your unique study needs
  • Two 160-item self-assessment exams comparable to NBME®, each consisting of 4 blocks of 40 board-style questions, to assess progress and readiness
  • Detailed progress reports with predictive scoring
  • Mark questions you need to review later
  • Concise High-Yield Summaries
  • High-yield explanations with illustrations, charts, and more
  • View related Rx Bricks when you want to go deeper on a topic*
  • Leverages select portions of First Aid® content
  • Effortlessly view Flash Facts* and Express Videos* related to each Qmax question
  • Study together more efficiently than ever with the ability to share tests via social media, text message, email, or even to people nearby!

*When you purchase a subscription to Rx360+.

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Switching between resources is inefficient. Find Rx Bricks, Step 1 Qmax, Flash Facts (with Study Stream), and Express Videos in one comprehensive suite. With high-yield tools that fully integrate, your study time becomes much more efficient and effective.

Problem solve like a physician.

Our questions are always patient-centered to help you see how they apply in the real world, so you can be confident on your exam and as you make critical decisions as a future physician.

As close as you’ll get to taking the actual Step 1.

Be thoroughly prepared with quality, USMLE-style questions that match the difficulty of questions you’ll see on your exam.

Keep your study centralized.

Every Qmax explanation walks you through the steps needed to arrive at the right answer, and leverages select portions of First Aid® content to help you consolidate your learning. When everything you need to study is in one location, your time is maximized.

Self-Assessment Exams to test your readiness.

Step 1 Qmax includes two 160-item self-assessment exams that reflect the composition of the USMLE Step 1. You can use these self-assessment exams as a diagnostic tool to measure where you're at, or as a test run for the big day! When you complete the exam, you'll receive a predicted score based on your results.

See why hundreds of thousands of students have trusted USMLE-Rx...

I LOVE Rx — it has been saving my butt since the beginning of my first year. With Rx, you can plan practice tests that supplement what you’re reviewing in class and when you complete them on tutor mode to review, there are PLENTY of explanations to help supplement answers.

I love Rx. It is the best qbank for learning/relearning the material in First Aid. It has solid explanations and pulls from a wide range of subjects. I love the fact that it displays the relevant passage of First Aid during the review process. It offers a great gauge of what knowledge I’m fuzzy on and the explanations offer reinforcing concepts….I recommend Rx as the main qbank for anyone who asks which one to start with.

I purchased USMLE-Rx for the BSCE (Comprehensive Basic Science Examination). I think it is a great source because it follows First Aid….I like that if I get a question wrong, they will pull up the First Aid page for explanation. I think this is helpful because it helps you incorporate First Aid when it comes to answering questions.

I really like this question bank as it allows you to practice board style questions while providing detailed explanations corresponding to First Aid. This makes making notes or reviewing the concept very easy. I also like that you can change the settings to easy-difficult and create subject-specific exams. I found this very helpful throughout basic sciences and preparing for my comprehensive NBME.

I really liked that I can check the questions that are related to the video or part of the book that I was just trying to understand….that was very helpful….I did not find that feature with any other Q bank.

I really loved using QMax because of the variety of questions. Some questions would be very simple and just test your basic knowledge, whereas other questions were actually quite difficult and made you think hard. I recommend using QMax from the first day of medical school for everyone because it really makes sure you understand the material thoroughly. The explanations are great and not too lengthy, so that doing the questions does not feel intimidating at all. I used this question bank during my dedicated study period too, and I really enjoyed having an extra set of questions with explanations straight from First Aid!

I really loved using USMLE-Rx questions during dedicated. I used it to test specific organ systems and closer to my test date, I used it for immunology and microbiology. It’s very helpful and saves time from flipping everywhere. The explanations were VERY clear and at times better than Uworld. I really enjoyed the search function where you can find questions that feature a specific phrase or disease.

Many of my questions on my Step 1 exam came straight out of First Aid. That being said, Qmax is a good way to make sure you know all of the First Aid content well since it references the FA page number. It’s also great bc unlike Kaplan, you can search for a specific topic you want to do questions on which I found very helpful (especially in the last week or so of my dedicated). I would say my one regret of medical school class time was not using Rx and First Aid even more consistently because they were the #1 resource that prepared me for Step 1.

Qmax was my number 1 QBank during my dedicated test prep. The questions were pretty well written…and the explanations were very thorough. One of the best things about them is the bottom line at the end which gave the educational objective and then the links to the resources you could use to find further info….If you take your time and review the explanations as you go, making notes in your FA, then it’s like studying and applying concepts at the same time. The questions were detailed enough, the content was current (even more so than Kaplan) and I learned some things I didn’t learn in class, which were on my STEP 1 exam.

The Rx question bank is an absolute must when beginning to study for the USMLE, especially for Step 1 because it’s super complete material wise. It’s perfect for when you’re starting to study….I would definitely recommend using it in the beginning of your study journey.

These questions were so helpful as they were very similar to actual test questions. I also appreciated the fact that when I got questions wrong I was able to understand why.

This is my favorite question bank resource to use. The difficulty of these questions is appropriate. I feel like the content does a really good job of preparing me for exams. I really learn a lot from the explanations. They do a good job of explaining why the other options are wrong.

This was a wonderful and essential Qbank over the course of my first two years in medical school. I used this Qbank to prepare for medical school exams. The nice thing about this system is that you can select questions by category such as cardiology vs neurology, etc. This is important when organizing your studies. The questions were very similar to the actual Step 1 examination. It covers the most important concepts and has good comprehensive details for why answer choices are either right or wrong.

USMLE-Rx is so helpful studying for NBME style exams. The questions are complicated and difficult and force a different level of thinking than traditional class exams. They include many key concepts in each question and force third and fourth level thinking to answer correctly. I also really appreciate how in depth the answers go and how much I gain from seeing why I got questions wrong/right and why the other answers do/don’t fit.

USMLE-Rx was one of the more difficult Qbanks for me….What I love about this resource is that it shows you the explanations for the answer choices and also where to find it in different sources like First Aid….I started using it recently and the question stems are similar to the ones you may see on board exams, so the exposure has helped me get used to reading the questions and getting to the answer more efficiently. I definitely recommend for anyone looking for a Qbank not just for step, but also for practice for NBME and class as well.

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