Step 1 Express Videos

Learn faster by watching veteran students explain over 1,300 high-yield topics so you can understand them quickly and easily.


Master the Step 1 material quicker with over 90 hours of bite-sized, expert-reviewed videos—one for each high-yield topic on Step 1.

Struggling to master all of First Aid? The book is dense—because it was created as a review resource. It’s not light reading.

But that’s why USMLE-Rx created Express Videos.

Nothing helps you understand a topic quite like having someone who’s already figured it out explain it to you, step by step, as if you were having a one-on-one conversation. Watching Express Videos is like having your own personal guide for each topic in First Aid—available any time day or night.

Express Videos focus on the “why” and the “how,” breaking down complex topics into understandable components. 

The authors use personal stories, photos, drawings, and multimedia clips to explain the material in a way that makes sense. And they toss in active learning questions and a full-color workbook to make sure you’re keeping up with them.

Plus, every video is vetted thoroughly by our expert reviewers—so you know that you’re learning exactly what you’ll need to thrive in your future medical career.

Express Videos are perfect for explaining each fact from First Aid© in a way that stays with you for the long haul.


  • Over 90 hours of high-yield videos
  • Downloadable and editable color workbook
  • 600+ images, helpful diagrams, and multimedia clips
  • Integrations across multiple topics form strong, lasting connections to help you in class and on test day
  • Each video features students conversationally explaining a concept from First Aid, helping you learn faster
  • Have a great Express Videos playlist? Share it with friends, classmates, or anyone and learn together, even when you’re apart!

Express Videos use multiple instructional methods to help you recall more information.

A quality study tool takes advantage of the many different ways your brain retains information—audio, video, mnemonic devices, examples, diagrams, and more.

With Express Videos you’ll experience on-screen highlights, photos, multimedia clips, and active learning questions to help you form a strong, lasting understanding of the material.

Ready to try Express Videos? Get free access for 5 days.

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Switching between resources is inefficient. Find Rx Bricks, Step 1 Qmax, Flash Facts (with Study Stream), and Express Videos in one comprehensive suite. With high-yield tools that fully integrate with each other, your study time becomes that much more efficient and effective.

Check your understanding anytime with a helpful workbook.

Each category has a digital workbook that’ll help you solidify the First Aid content in your mind, so you can feel confident in the classroom and on test day.


Study more efficiently by creating playlists of videos you want to save for later.

Organize videos to your liking, then come back and watch your custom video playlist anytime on the web or mobile app.

The goal? To make your study sessions as fast and efficient as possible, so you can master the content quickly and keep moving forward.

Turn your downtime into high-yield study time.

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What students are saying:

The videos have added the pertinent and high-yield pieces [of] information that my school and other sources haven’t!

The videos did an excellent job of helping me get through my first pass of First Aid, the additional information and enthusiasm of the presenters made the videos invaluable. They definitely helped my Step 1 journey.

An excellent way to review a ton of information quickly. Most organ systems are decompressed into less than 7 hr of video. Making it easy to review them in days.

Express Videos are my number 1 resource for Step. Firstly, the videos are extremely helpful in breaking down difficult concepts into more manageable bits of information. Secondly, each narrator/lecturers personality and conversations in the videos have helped me form better connections when remembering and learning the material. Finally, I think the videos are really good at pointing out the high yield info. While they do not skip any lesser yield information, they are more oriented towards making sure the students understand what’s important. I honestly do not think I could study for Step 1 or most of my medical school classes without these videos.

I absolutely love Rx-videos! Short concise way of conveying high-yield topics! Of course it isn’t going to be able to tell you everything, but there is a video on about everything!! I love the player the program uses. It is very user friendly and allows you to speed up the video. This makes it a very valuable resource. This was and still is a major resource in my medical education.

I am weirdly obsessed with the Express Videos on USMLE-Rx. My friends joke that I sound like a walking commercial for USMLE-Rx, because I tell anyone that will listen about these videos. If you are easily distracted, these videos are gold! I made a playlist for each organ module during medical school and watched the playlist twice, taking notes the first time and annotating them the second time. This might seem crazy, but I felt like it really worked! These videos cover (nearly?) all of First Aid and are a great resource for class tests as well as board prep.

I love that the videos are concise and straight to the point. It is really helpful that the videos are linked at the bottom of the USMLE-Rx questions too so you can automatically review what you missed in a video format. The playlist function has been nice too. I added the videos I wanted to review during dedicated to a playlist and just watch a few whenever I have a few extra minutes to spare as a refresher on my weaker topics.

I use this resource to round out my understanding of challenging topics and to learn how the subject might be tested on boards. The videos are very high yield and provide helpful ways to remember material and differentiate answers. Using these videos is a good way to figure out what material is most important to focus on going into board style questions.

I LOVED using these videos for my board prep. Most if not all are under 25 minutes – which is perfect because they don’t lose your attention. Also, I think that these videos were exceptional in that they all for the most part provided integrated learning across multiple subjects at once – I’m thinking specifically of the great job that Arjun Iyer did with the GI videos as he really did a great job of integrating the related organ systems along the way.

This was a wonderful resource to use during my basic sciences and dedicated period….On the website, whenever I would go over a specific section and not fully understand what it is talking about, the Express Videos were extremely useful in that case. They were given for every section of First Aid and provided a descriptive explanation of what was being stated on that section of First Aid. It is good for those who have somewhat of a weaker foundation in a certain subject while reading First Aid.

This resource is great as it goes through every single topic that is in the First Aid. You don’t have to worry about missing any topics. There is also quizzes and flashcards after the videos to reinforce the topic. This is great for students who can’t read First Aid on their own.

This is a very good resource to use at the beginning of boards review. I considered this my first review of all material. This was a good way to gauge topics that I was still needing to focus more time on. Something about this resource that was great is the explanations of the more bare bones notes in First Aid and some of the lecturers were very funny.

These videos were great for quick reviews of topics. I appreciated how short they were, and how students or residents were narrating them and providing board-relevant tips and pearls for future referencing….I liked how easy it was to complete videos and have the green checkmark show up to signify my progress.

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