The Flash Facts Step 1 Flashcard System

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The only flashcard system where every card leverages select portions of First Aid® content

Sick of that low-yield, out-of-date deck made by a student who took the USMLE back in 2017?

Then upgrade to Flash Facts, where you can be 100% confident that you’re studying exactly what you need to know in order to ace the USMLE Step 1.

Why? Because it was made by the authors and USMLE experts who created First Aid for the USMLE Step 1.

This is the only flashcard system that leverages select portions of First Aid® content

And to provide the highest high-yield deck, we have the completely updated Rapid Review deck.

No more drowning in tens of thousands of questionable flashcards. Now you can cut through the noise and study with a vetted deck of flashcards.


  • Now with over 13,000 flash cards!
  • Supported by First Aid™ high-yield topics, including Rapid Review
  • Enriched with targeted First Aid™ content
  • Remember more of what you’ve learned with Study Stream’s advanced spaced repetition
  • Including 3,500+ case-based flash cards
  • Study anywhere using the USMLE-Rx mobile apps
  • Share your decks with classmates, friends, or acquaintances any way you’d like – via social, email, text, or even with the help of Bluetooth!

Create your own flashcard decks in under 5 minutes. Without the painful learning curve.

Unlike many other flashcard products, you won’t have to deal with a steep, frustrating learning curve to use the software or the app. It just works.

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Here's what students say about Step 1 Flash Facts:

Absolutely love Flash Facts. It’s always part of my routine before I start studying. I use it as a warm up to wake my brain before I start reviewing the material dedicated for the day. It allows you to recall old information while also learning/reviewing new information. Recall>recognition

Flash Facts are the most useful resource I have come across in a while. It’s the new and improved version of Anki. This tool will be super helpful to help with memorization of key concepts. You can use them by subject or just as a random array of flash cards. I would not spend hours sitting and doing flash cards but rather incorporate them into your daily study routine. So do like 100 flashcards a day, 50 in the morning and 50 later on. This is an excellent tool and I found myself retaining small pieces of information from First Aid that I otherwise would have overlooked or not have been able to memorize.

Flash Facts is a great way to “memorize” First Aid and thus high yield facts. I tried making my own flash cards for review and found myself spending more time making them and less time utilizing them. These flash cards are already populated with all the high yield facts you need to know (First Aid content). It was easy to use the app and review several cards while I was waiting in line at the grocery store, at the doctor’s office, or while putting my kid down for a nap.

I have really enjoyed using Flash Facts for following reasons: 1. It is not only regurgitation of the facts! It is presented in a way to learn, memorize, and master the concepts of first aid. 2. Doing the Flash Facts requires critical thinking and I have found that it is just as helpful as doing actual practice questions! You can kill two birds with one stone by mastering high yield board concepts and doing practice questions that include clinical scenarios. 3. Study Stream: Best utilization of spaced repetition. You get to see the material you are weak at more frequently. Overall, I am so glad that I utilized Flash Facts.

I purchased Rx360 and the Flash Facts are my most used aspect. I think the flash facts are awesome for people that normally study with flash cards and also people like myself who do not normally use flash cards. Flash facts provides a more active method of learning instead of just passively reading First Aid. It is great that they are premade so you do not need to make your own flash card sets on quizlet. I like that you can flag cards on material you may need to look back at.

I used Flash Facts as my primary review resource during my dedicated period for step 2 studying. Flash facts is an excellent resource because it goes in the order of first aid and essentially asks questions that are very high yield. Also the flash cards are asked in a way that facilitates active learning, and there is an option for spaced repetition which enhances recall.

On my slower days, I did not find reading First Aid or Pathoma to be that efficient because I felt as if I was being passive with my reading. On days like that, I would either utilize my resource for practice questions or for flashcards. I was never much of a fan of Anki, even though they have wonderful success rates, so I used Flash Facts. This resource really helped me solidify and retain knowledge straight out of First Aid, which is extremely valuable when taking Step 1.

[Flash Facts is one] of the best ways to review material. The cards are precise on the answers and you can use it as a flash review. Strengths: you can use them as a game and practice with friends anywhere. They are organized by topic and that’s a plus, they are easy to find the topic that you want to use. Also you can rate your response and you can review only the wrong ones later. Weakness: there’s no hard copy that actually you can use on hands. I would love to have them on flashcards not online. Overall it’s one of the best resources.

Such an amazing tool to use!!!! very convenient and easy and clear to use… you can pick the part you’re interested in, and that will be a GREAT way to review the topic… The cards include all the important information.. and are clear and easy to use.. and they give you a review over your answers.. I would definitely recommend it to people studying for the USMLE.. especially for people who hate making Flash Cards which can be time consuming.. USMLE-Rx saved me so much time… since the cards are ready and easy to use.. and they cover all the important info.. and you can mark the card you think you need to review.

Flash Facts through USMLE-Rx are the perfect pre-made flashcards to make sure that you know the First Aid review book inside and out. The more you see the information the better you know it. This is something that I used when I was covering the different body systems to make sure I knew all of the intricate details of the topics presented in this review book. One of the things I like is that it references where in First Aid you can find the information in case you need to go back and review it. It also allows you to see pictures.  I love these flash cards. I would recommend anyone to use it to stay fresh on content.

These are fabulous for quick review! I would always use these flash cards when walking to and from classes, meetings, or even while eating. They provide you with a good way to refresh your knowledge and constantly keep you thinking. I would use these flash cards based on the sections I had recently completed reading about to reinforce the material. I would recommend doing large sets of these per day, as you can flip through them quickly and learn lots of information.

This resource helps to recall very important facts for the board exams. [Study Stream] has an amazing spaced repetition algorithm that reminds you of facts you are likely to have forgotten and shows you new facts too. The flashcards also tests clinical reasoning and not just memorisation of facts.

See for yourself how easy it is to make a deck:

<span class="tour-num">01</span><span class="tour-title">Choose Flashcards</span><p class="tour-desc">Choose the flashcards you want, then press the Create Deck button on the bottom right.</p>
<span class="tour-num">02</span><span class="tour-title">Name Your Deck</span><p class="tour-desc">Name your deck and choose how many cards you want to see.</p>
<span class="tour-num">03</span><span class="tour-title">Start Studying</span><p class="tour-desc">Start studying right away!</p>
<span class="tour-num">04</span><span class="tour-title">Analyze Your Results</span><p class="tour-desc">And when you flip the card over…you see the full context exactly as it appears in <em>First Aid</em>.</p>

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Flash Facts lets you monitor your progress and focus on your weak areas with Study Stream and its advanced spaced repetition capabilities.

Study Stream helps you focus on studying rather than figuring out what to study. You’re in control of how often you see each card so you’re not wasting time on content you already know. Once you've mastered a card, simply move it into the "Nailed It" category and you'll see it less often.

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