Learn to think like a physician.

Ace your Step 2 CK exam and be prepared for rounds with quality questions and high-yield explanations.


Learn from your mistakes.

Understanding why an answer is wrong is just as important as understanding why an answer is correct. That’s why Step 2 CK Qmax breaks down the question and every answer option to show you how to get to the right answer. This will not only prepare you to succeed on your exam but also to think critically as a physician.

Step 2 CK Qmax Includes:

  • Over 2,300 thoroughly reviewed USMLE-style questions
  • Customized practice exams based on your unique study needs
  • Flag questions you need to review later
  • Share tests with classmates to compare answers and study together, even when you're apart
  • Content-rich explanations with illustrations, charts, and more
  • Page references to First Aid for the USMLE Step 2 CK
  • High-yield “Bottom Line” takeaways

Be ready to solve real world problems.

Our questions are always patient-centered to help you see how they apply in the real world, so you can be confident on your shelf exams, on your boards, and as you make critical decisions as a future physician.

As close as you’ll get to taking the actual Step 2 CK.

Be thoroughly prepared with quality, USMLE-style questions that match the difficulty of questions you’ll see on your exam.

Level up your understanding.

Learn to think critically with high-yield explanations, clinical illustrations, and more for both correct and incorrect answers.

The smarter way to take notes.

Compile all your notes from class, First Aid, and USMLE-Rx tools together in Smart Notes. Even if your subscription with us expires, you can still use Smart Notes—for free!

Strengthen your weakest links with customized practice tests.

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