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Five powerful resources in one proven, high-yield system to help you succeed—in your classes, on the boards, and in your future medical career.


Switching between resources is inefficient. Upgrade your study sessions.

Turn your limited study time into high-yield learning sessions. Use one resource that has everything you need to nail class content, ace your NBME exams, and crush the boards.


Rx Bricks The better way to learn.

A robust library of nearly 800 short, easy-to-understand, interactive modules that cover the foundations of medicine.

  • “Need-to-know” topics succinctly explained with simple "clear language" explanations, often in under 20 minutes
  • Clinical correlations, real-world stories, and more
  • Visualize complex concepts and quiz yourself using interactive images
  • Assess your understanding with measurable objectives, interactive flashcards, and practice questions built into each module

Step 1 Qmax As close as you’ll get to taking the actual USMLE.

Includes over 2,300 board-style questions and the most-detailed, multi-step explanations of any Step 1 Qbank on the market.

  • Customized practice exams based on your unique study needs
  • Two 160-item self-assessment exams
  • Detailed progress reports with predictive scoring
  • High-yield explanations with illustrations, charts, and more
  • Share tests with classmates to compare answers and study together, even when you're apart

Step 1 Flash Facts Some call them supercards.

The only flashcard system with over 14,000 cards that fully integrate with First Aid for the USMLE Step 1, showing you the page exactly as it appears in the book. Study Stream’s advanced spaced repetition displays cards at calculated intervals so you review your weak areas more often.

  • 3,500+ case-based flash cards
  • Study anywhere using the USMLE-Rx web and mobile apps
  • Change the cards you see to reflect your edition of First Aid for the USMLE Step 1
  • Share your decks with classmates, friends, or acquaintances however you’d like – via social, email, text, or even with the help of Bluetooth!

Step 1 Express Videos Watch for minutes or binge for hours.

More than 1,300 bite-sized videos explain each must-know fact in a way that you’ll remember for the long haul.  Over 80 hours of video in all!

  • Downloadable and editable color workbook
  • 600+ images, helpful diagrams, and multimedia clips
  • Integrations across multiple topics form strong, lasting connections to help you in class and on test day
  • Have a great Express Videos playlist? Share it with friends, classmates, or anyone and learn together, even when you’re apart!

Rx360+ tools are 100% integrated, transforming your limited study time into a truly efficient learning experience.

The Right Qbank to Get You Where You Want to Go.

Be thoroughly prepared with quality, USMLE-style questions that match the difficulty of questions you’ll see on your exam.

Every Qmax explanation walks you through the steps needed to solve the question, while leveraging select portions of First Aid® content so that you can focus on the high-yield takeaways. When everything you need to study is in one location, your time is maximized.

Easily see where you stand.

Use the dashboard to view your progress across various tools, create a deck of troublesome flashcards, examine your cumulative performance, and more, all with a few clicks.

Remember more of what you’ve learned.

With scientifically-backed spaced repetition, you can remember more, even if you spend fewer actual hours studying.

Add any high-yield topic to your Study Stream, and the spaced repetition algorithm will show you each flashcard related to that topic at just the right intervals—ideally, right before your brain forgets it—setting you up for long-term retention.

The smarter way to take notes.

Compile all your notes together in Smart Notes. Even if your subscription with us expires, you can still use Smart Notes—for free!

See why hundreds of thousands of students have trusted USMLE-Rx...

I got a 256 on Step 1, largely thanks to Rx starting me off in the right direction…the fact that it is coupled to the First Aid textbook was immensely useful.

USMLE-Rx was the most important part of my Step 1 preparation. I finally was able to remember all the information to pass the exam.

The explanations, illustrations and reference pages help me study smarter, not harder. I love the opportunity to gauge my performance.

I love the diverse questions and explanations. It’s an amazing resource that provides a great question bank, videos and flash cards.

USMLE-Rx has helped me structure my study pattern and has made my preparation for Step very efficient.

I think this Qbank is the best one for starting out. It really helps solidify First Aid knowledge.

Rx is the best Qbank available! I’ve done Uworld and other Qbanks but I feel Rx is more appropriate, and it focuses on high-yield!

The videos did an excellent job of helping me through my first pass of First Aid, the additional information of the presenters made the videos invaluable.

The question bank really challenged my depth of knowledge. The videos added high-yield information that my school and other sources haven’t!

There isn’t a resource like this currently out there, and I think it would be very helpful to have during both first and second year. It’s great that it matches up with First Aid, which is vital as that’s practically the STEP 1 Bible.

Every brick has objectives, flash card questions, and practice questions. Overall I enjoy the bricks a lot more than reading lecture slides or outlines since the bricks are interactive and well-integrated with the USMLE-Rx ecosystem.

Rx Bricks are a great way to get all the information and practice for tough topics in one place.


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