Take Your Medical Education into Your Own Hands with Bricks Create

With Bricks Create for Students, you now have the power to build and share epic learning experiences. Being a medical student is challenging, as you work to soak up everything that you can about medical education from morning to night. . It’s crucial to have practical tools that make the most of your time, maximize your learning potential, and set you up for future success. This is where Bricks Create for Students comes in. Our intuitive authoring system allows students like you to take your education and future into your own hands, collaborate with peers, create content specific to your needs and passions, and share your knowledge with others.

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Expand Your Knowledge By Teaching

One of the unique aspects of Bricks Create is the opportunity for students to learn by teaching. By creating your content, you can synthesize your understanding and present it in an easy-to-grasp way for yourself and others. Every physician is a teacher, imparting knowledge to patients, their family members, colleagues, and students. By creating content for Bricks Create, you can hone your skills as a teacher and impact the learning experiences of other students globally.

This teaching process solidifies your knowledge of the topic(s), which will help you to retain information better. It will also allow your fellow students to understand the material better.

Bricks Create is also a helpful way to focus on any weaknesses. Every student has areas where they struggle, and creating your content is a time-effective way to sharpen these areas and work through the material at your own pace. You’ll be able to comprehensively understand the subject rather than just skimming the surface!

Control Your Destiny

What does your dream future entail? With Bricks Create for Students, you can build your brand and showcase your work, setting yourself apart from your peers. Writing content and creating collections will help you demonstrate your expertise in specific subjects or areas. This can be particularly useful when applying for residency programs, as program directors often look for students who have published articles that showcase their ability to write and research.

Brick of the Month Contest

Following the launch of Bricks Create for Students on May 3, 2023, we will be holding a monthly contest. The Brick of the Month Contest will be open to all students who create a Brick during that month. Pick a favorite topic or a subject you’d like to learn more about, write your Brick, and you’ll be eligible to win a $250 gift card from USMLE-Rx!

Build Your Bricks

Bricks Create for Students is a revolutionary authoring tool that educators have been using since 2021. We’re now making it available for medical students who want to take their education into their own hands and help change the world. Bricks Create is a must-have tool for all aspiring medical professionals.

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